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Ladino is a language that developed from the Jews of Spanish origin through the Iberian Peninsula and later into Latin America as a mixture of Hebrew and Spanish. Like Yiddish, Ladino is viewed as a personal language of the Jewish people. Dating back to the late fifteenth century, Ladino language evolved into a subculture of Judaism that meshed with modern Latin culture of today. The culture of Latin American Jewery boomed again in the mid-20th century, Ladino scholars and activists are passionate about preserving the music and humor of Ladino language and literature. There is renewed hope that “our Spanish” will indeed remain ours.

This year’s gala will celebrate Spanish-Judeo culture with music, dancing, food, drinks, and art that reflect our Jewish ancestors.


What is Ladino (Spanish-Judeo)?

VIP Reception - 6:15 PM | General Admission - 7:00 PM

Attire - Festive cocktail casual

The Halavah Chavurah was established in 1979, just six years after the founding of TBY in 1973. The Halavah Chavurah have shared life cycle events, birth to death. They have created a support system that has stood the test of time. When describing what a Chavurah is, the Halavah Chavurah is the example: a group of congregants that have become like family. 

The Atidim Chavurah developed naturally as a part of the Jewish life cycle. These families all have children in the TBY Preschool and some in JCAL. Their children have grown up together and now they are giving back to the Temple. Many of these members sit on committees that help develop and maintain the mission of TBY. Many are also involved in the greater OC Jewish community through PJ Library and JFFS. Together, they are the future - "Atidim" - of TBY and their commitment to the Temple is unwavering. 

This year, TBY is honoring two chavurot that have left a significant impact on our congregation through their commitment as individuals and as a chavurah. These families are an integral part of our “Kollel” - Ladino for community.


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Atidim Chavurah
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