HIGH HOLY DAYS 2018-5779

The High Holy Days fall on week days this year, so parking will be limited. 

Parking is available on the street, as well shuttle service from Calty Design (by Liberty Baptist Church at Bison & Celtis) and Bonita Creek Park (at University & La Vida). Circle of Honor Members will have parking in the TBY lot. 
Parking is available on the street, as well as shuttle service from Calty Design (by Liberty Baptist Church at Bison & Celtis), Bonita Creek Park EXCEPT KOL NIDRE (at University & La Vida), and Bonita Canyon Sports park ON KOL NIDRE ONLY (at Ford & Newport Hills East off Bonita Canyon). Circle of Honor Members will have parking in the TBY lot. 

Handicapped Parking is available on a first come, first serve basis to those possessing a valid handicapped hang tag or licence plate. Please have your hang tag visible for our Security Team upon your arrival. 

Please consider carpooling or using Lyft or Uber to come to Temple. We will have a designated pick up and drop off area for ride sharing services on Camelback Street.


Each service has its own dedicated ticket. Much like a sporting event or theater tickets, your HHD tickets will be for specific services and will be numbered along with a corresponding QR Code to ensure its authenticity. For each service (except the Children's & Community HHD Services), a stub will be torn off the bottom of your ticket. Each person must have their own ticket (except the Children's & Community HHD Services which have one ticket per family). Students and Military must show a valid ID to receive a complimentary ticket to each service. To learn more about additional/last minute tickets, please read further down. 

Once you are inside and that portion of your ticket has been redeemed, there will be no re-entry without a specific re-entry ticket that can be picked up at the Will Call table. If you forget your tickets, you will be given a single service ticket that is good for the service you are there for and type of seat you have. This ticket cannot be used again for future services. 

If you have not received your tickets, please call the main office at (949) 644-1999 and arrange for them to be picked up during office hours or to be picked up at Will Call. Please be advised that you may need to wait in line at Will Call to receive your tickets. If you have questions about your membership or HHD tickets, please contact Joy Orbase, Office Manager at jorbase@tby.org. 



For security purposes, everyone is asked to enter the Temple for all High Holy Day services and afternoon programs through the main security entrance. Will Call will be outside the main security entrance for you to pick up or obtain tickets to the service. 

All doors except the main security gate are emergency exits only and cannot be used to gain entry or exit the building for any reason.

​If you leave the service and exit through the main security gate for any reason, you will need to check back in at Will Call to gain re-entry to that service. This is a safety precaution and we ask for your patience and cooperation. 

​We have partnered with the Newport Beach Police Department to have on-site security for our High Holy Day services. All members of our Security Team are here to ensure our safety, so we ask that you follow their instructions.