VIP Experience

VIPs were treated to a scotch and wine tasting with Dennis Prager, followed by a small presentation on Prager University.

Oneg and Dessert

After Dennis Prager's lecture, TBY joined together for a dessert oneg with a healthy dose of Schmoozing and Engagement!

VIP Photo Gallery

A Very Special Evening with Dennis Prager

TBY was elated to hear Dennis Prager speak, and with a packed house, there was someone from each corner of the TBY community present, learning, and enjoying an amazing distinguished speaker.

Temple Bat Yahm Distinguished Speaker Series Presents:

A Very Special Evening With Dennis Prager

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

VIP Dinner

VIPs were joined by Dennis Prager at an amazing catered dinner by Blueberry Hill featuring a short Q & A with Dennis Prager.