Rabbi Gevurts' most recent Scribe article

Purim is for Grown Ups Too!

Our Rabbis of old taught, “When Adar enters, our joy will increase (Taanit 29a). ”What is so joyful about this new Hebrew month?  It is the celebration of Purim, the day on which we remember and celebrate the survival of our ancestors in the face of near genocide by the evil Haman.  Our tradition teaches us that every year, every Jew the world over should pause and be filled with joy for the survival and the thriving of our people.  While we often associate Purim with carnivals and children’s activities, Purim itself is actually very much a “grown up” holiday as well. Our sacred tradition has long recognized the need for adults to regularly  pause from the routine of life to mindfully focus on the needs of the soul.  Purim and the month of Adar invites us to focus on the importance of finding joy in our days.  So much of the time we slumber through the mundane chores of living.  This Purim season is a time to reflect on ways that we can increase our abilities to find moments of joy in our life.  

You are welcome to join us as we celebrate Purim for adults with read the Magilla sip on our favorite adult beverages on Saturday, March 11th at 7:00 PM.

May this month of Adar truly increase the joy in each of our lives.


Rabbi Rayna Gevurtz is originally from Portland, Oregon, where she was raised as an active member of Congregation Beth Israel.  After earning her degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon, Rabbi Gevurtz completed her rabbinic studies in 2001 at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In addition to her time here at Temple Bat Yahm, Rabbi Gevurtz has served congregations in Cincinnati and Melbourne, Australia. During her time in Melbourne, Rabbi Gevurtz was the first Rabbi of the King David School, a Progressive Jewish Day School. Temple Bat Yahm is happy to have Rabbi Gevurtz back as part of the clergy, since she was here as an Assistant Rabbi from 2002-2005.  

As Part-Time Rabbi at Temple Bat Yahm, Rabbi Gevurtz organizes and leads the JCAL K-2 Family Education Days, leads the monthly WTBY Rosh Chodesh program, and participates bi-monthly Saturday morning Shabbat activities including Torah Study and morning services.

Rabbi Gevurtz also manages the Seaside Musical Theater program through Temple Bat Yahm. 

She is married to Rabbi  Zylberman and together they rejoice in their three daughters, Adira (age 10), Noa (age 8), and Mira Chana (age 4) and their Shnoodle, Elisheva Shnitzel.