We asked a few of our congregants why they chose to pledge to Securing Our Future:










We believe in the importance of securing the campus physically and the second is that we want a future Jewish home for our daughter Hannah. 
The Yaoz Family

WTBY Board Member and ECE Graduate & current JCAL Student

$300,000 +








No pledge is too big or too small. By simply pledging a dollar a day over 5 years, you would be giving $365 per year, totaling $1,825 over the course of this Capital Campaign.

*Friends level gifts will not appear on the Donor Wall

When I heard that I could directly help improve our buildings and roofs, I felt compelled to step up. I started making regular contributions to the Capital Campaign to do my part to get that fixed and help with other needed improvements.
Mindy Jacobs
2nd Generation Temple Member

Coby & Allyson Sonenshine
Ygal & Sheila Sonenshine
Gerry & Ilene Spear
Gene & Susan Spiritus
Bernie & Sally Spiro
Brian & Debbi Stern
Jason & Leslie Stern
Dave & Karis Strauss
Scott & Jane Sussman
Beth Swift
David & Marisa Thalberg
Michael & Carrie Tidus
Robert & Sharon Turner
Michael & Carole Wade
Robert & Carol Warsaw
Glenn & Lauri Welling
Paul & Rosalyn Wexler
Cynthia Wile
Jolie & Mike Williams
Ted & Chava Wortrich
Sam & Susan Wyman
Erez & Jill Yaoz
David & Liz Yudis

TBY honors member giving on large glass tablets located in the Sonenshine Sanctuary Foyer.

These tablets recognize aggregate giving for each family which is calculated by the combination of all donations made to Temple beyond membership dues. Gifts to the Securing our Future: the Next Generation Capital Campaign will not only be recognized during the campaign but long after it has completed, as it will be added to your family’s previous donations on the aforementioned tablets.

Kim Greenhall
​Capital Campaign
Committe Chairwoman

To learn more about our goals for this Capital Campaign, feel free to click on one of the topics below

My dad died 3 years ago.

While he had been diagnosed with Leukemia, and I could see his declining health, I was not prepared. I moved to Orange County 5 years ago. This meant that at the time that I needed community most, my own circle of influence was limited. I didn’t raise my children here, I have no family here, and our rabbis did not marry me, name my children, or lead their b’nai mitzvah. But in my hours of need, I turned to Temple Bat Yahm. And You were here for me.

My closest friends, TBY members, who I met just months before, sent meals, offered support and stood by me. Rabbi Zylberman reached out daily, as my dad’s health declined. He listened to me cry, celebrate my dad’s life, and talk, for as long as I wanted. He helped me grieve. I had never before attended a morning minyan. But in the weeks after his death, I joined mostly strangers, for a little prayer, a little Torah, and a little scotch. My attendance in the weeks after his death were a salve for my aching heart and those strangers, I now consider to be friends. TBY was here for me. My new community held me up and that support was given regardless of the time of day, day of the week, or my ability to pay.

The Securing our Future, the Next Generation Capitol Campaign is about our community of members; ensuring that all families: new (like me), long-time members, men, women, children, grandparents, and people from all walks of life, have a village to surround them, celebrate them and hold them up in good times and in times of need. As my husband, Mark, and I made our own gift in support of the campaign, here is what we considered:

How can we make a lasting impact here, which will sustain TBY’s caring community?

How can we ensure that TBY can continue to provide support to each family who needs assistance, regardless of who they are or what help they need?

How can we make an impact, with the knowledge that this is a 5-year commitment?

Frankly, it was not a hard discussion to have. In fact, quite the opposite. We are proud to be able to give back in dollars, what we so lovingly have received from you, our community. We are proud to positively impact a community which has brought such positivity to us, and we are proud to ensure TBY’s future.

This is my story. I know you have your own to tell. I hope you will consider your story as you join me with your own gift to Temple Bat Yahm’s Securing Our Future Campaign. Your gift will ensure that your story, and mine, can replay itself tenfold for members into the future. If you would like to learn more about the campaign, make a gift, or share your story, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Stan Levy at the Temple.

We have an opportunity...now...to create an inclusive, invigorating future for our TBY community. I want to be an active part of the generation that preserved the positive influence of modern Jewish thought on the world.
Barbara Lubash
​Trustee and Chair of Strategic Planning Committee

Norm & Jessica Abramovich
Karen Albert
Norm Beberman
Les & Susan Bender
Howard & Beth Bidna
Phillip & Judith Binder
Brian & Mayumi Brenner
Martin & Tamar Brower
Doug & Joyce Cassel
Sandra Chakmak
Mark & Sharon Chernoff
Adrienne Cohen
Ted & Beth Cooper
Steve & Kim Davis
Rick & Renee Dellar
Grace Deutsch
Brian & Betsey Dougherty
Marc & Linda Ecker
Frank & Harriet Edelstein
Steve & Jill Edwards
Scott & Fran Feig
Jeff & Naomi Glass
Ira Goldberg
Richard Goodman

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We want to do our part to make TBY a great place for our children and the whole community, for a long time to come.
The Chernoff Family
​Recent Temple Members, ECE Graduates, JCAL Students Chair of the Membership Committee (Mark)

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Kevin & Laura Gramling
Mark & Kim Greenhall
Mel & Fran Gruben
Garrick & Shelley Hollander
Mark Ike
Harriet Jacobs
Mindy Jacobs
Lucas Kastner
Barry & Debbe Katz
Ryan Klein
Jon & Heather Kline
Gary & Leba Kramer
Eric & Julie Kramer
Andrew & Jordana Levine
Stan Levy
Bob & Sherrill Lief
Mel & Jacquee Lipson
Barbara Lubash & Paul Moses
Margo & Deke Marcus
Nancy Marcus
Jeff & Debbie Margolis
Jeff Menkes
Elliott & Joanne Mercer
Daryl & Susan Miller
Bruce & Esther Miller

Adam & Esther Minow
Bruce & Denise Molnar
Ann Moskowitz
Jay & Diana Moss
Jay & Joni Myers
Larry Newfield
Charlie & Alison Nightingale
Robert & Joy Penner
Ralph Perl & Rhoda Shapiro
Gary & Ellen Phillips
Bob & Bano Pozin
Steve & Deedee Price
Bernie & Joan Rome
Murray & Lori Rudin
Joe & Leona-Aronoff Sadacca
Dale & Tracy Schatz
Jerome & Stacey Schneider
Marc Schneider & Elena Zartesky
Scott & Leslie Seigel
Patty Seyburn & Eric Little
Steve & Miki Sholkoff
Stan & Laura Shuster
David & Linda Siegel
Danny & Kerri Sonenshine