Many customs grew up around Tu Bi­Shevat. In ancient Palestine, it was cus­tomary to plant a tree when a child was born: a cedar for a boy, and a cypress for a girl. The cedar stood for height and strength, the cypress for tenderness and fragrance. When the children grew up and were married, branches from their own trees were cut and used to support the bridal canopy, for good luck. Between birth and marriage they cared for their own trees. Through this custom everyone learned to love trees.

To attend this event, please contact Esther Miller at with your RSVP and questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

We will celebrate the New Year for the Trees as we share the traditional foods of this Seder:

Assiyah-Nuts and fruits with a tough skin to remind us of the protection the earth gives.

Yetzirah-Fruits with a tough inner core – the world of feelings and emotions.

B’riyah-Fruits that are completely edible – creation – the world of knowing.

Atzilut-The world of spirituality.

We also enjoy four glasses of wine – each of a different color.

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