Temple Bat Yahm is a center for vibrant Jewish life comprising over 500 families of all shapes and sizes:  Jewish and Interfaith, Singles, Youth and Seniors, Jews of color, LGBTQI+, families with and without children, and people of all abilities. Together we connect with each other, our heritage, and that which transcends us all.

As a caring Reform congregation, we:
            - Enrich each other’s lives through spiritual worship
            - Share in moving life-cycle events
            - Educate our children and participate in lifelong Jewish learning
            - Sustain the House of Israel, locally, nationally and globally

We combine the timeless values of Jewish tradition with the lifelong study of Torah in the context of today’s rapidly changing world.

From its inception, Temple Bat Yahm’s growth has been astounding. Organized in June 1973 by eight founding families seeking to start a new Temple community in Newport Beach, TBY’s
beautiful 30,000 square foot Sonenshine Sanctuary was dedicated in 1982. Our award-winning campus, including our stunning Robert T. Morgan Chapel, Marcus Library, and Warsaw
Amphitheater, was completed in 2001. For 43 years, we have enjoyed the unfolding vision of TBY’s founding generation.

Now is the time for today’s generation of Temple Bat Yahm families to envision the future. Now is the time to consider where we are and where we need to be, so that we can remain a thriving Jewish community for many generations to come.


Over the past 43 years, Temple Bat Yahm (TBY) has grown from eight founding families to a congregation of a few thousand people spanning four generations. Through the efforts of many, we are now positioned to secure our future in a meaningful way. By supporting the Securing Our Future: Next Generation Campaign, you can significantly impact the sustainability of our campus, clergy, and programming.

If you have any questions about the Campaign, please contact Mark Gulner, Executive Director at mgulner@tby.org or Orly Levy, Development Assistant at orlevy@tby.org

Temple Bat Yahm is here to build lasting relationships
To make these relationships into a community
To create an environment of inclusivity
To help each congregant develop a meaningful connection
to Judaism

We all have a vision of WHO WE ARE.
Who we ASPIRE to be.
A vision requires IMAGINATION.
A vision requires HONESTY.
A vision requires GROWTH and COURAGE.
The ability to CHANGE.
If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

To be a Jew in the 21st century is to live amidst
the great people of the world.
To EMBRACE our neighbors, and set ourselves APART.
To UNDERSTAND our role in history.
To SHAPE our role for the future.
If I am only for myself, what am I?

Our LANGUAGE, our holy BOOKS, the land of ISRAEL,
The joys and sorrows that connect us with EACH OTHER,
with our BEST SELVES, with G-d.
Our AIM: to be a place on the edge of the sea where Jews
Can QUESTION, can do OUR SMALL PART in saving the world.
-Patty Seyburn, President of Temple Bat Yahm (2016-2018)