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Following the Rosh Hashanah service, it is customary to go to a nearby river bank, seacoast, or any other body of water and recite the Tashlich prayer. The name comes from the verse in Micah (one of the minor prophets): "and cast (Tashlich) all their sins into the sea" (Micah 7:19).

This year we will continue our tradition with a socially distant, in-person Tashlich service at North Star Beach. In order to accommodate everyone, we will be doing it throughout the week between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and registration is required. We also ask that you wear a mask at all times.

Please note Teen Tashlich will take place at Mason Regional Park!

Space is limited with each service, so do not wait to sign up!

Please note: Tuesday, September 22nd & Wednesday, September 23rd are cancelled. 

Click Here for Rabbi Zylberman's Tashlich Service to do on your own.

Only members of the immediate family. If your family unit has more than 5 people, please email for arrangements.


Sat, September 26 2020 8 Tishrei 5781