Back in November 2018, Rabbi Moshe Druin of Sofer on Site ( came to Temple Bat Yahm to repair and refresh a few of our Torah scrolls. Rabbi Druin's TOrah Maintenance Program allows us to ensure that our scrolls are in the best condition, especially our older Torahtot.

According to Rabbi Druin, "the concept of maintaining a Torah is ultimately that we always want it to be in a state of a Kosher condition. And as we know what is unique to a Torah is that even if one letter is missing, broken, displaced, misspelled for that matter, the whole Torah is not considered Kosher until it is repaired." It is our responsibility to ensure that every few years, Rabbi Druin (who you may recognize as the Rabbi who assisted us in writing our very own TBY Torah back in 2010) comes to our campus and takes the time to upkeep our Torahtot.

This is an enormous undertaking and can be quite expensive if we don't do regular maintenance. Tributes made to the Torah Fund help us with this. With the generous donations to the Torah Fund, we are able to participate in the Torah Maintenance Program.