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Carrie has been used to always getting what she wants, so she has no problem finding either friends, family or business associates for a ladies only dinner at a smart Italian restaurant in town. After all, she has a special birthday to celebrate.
But there’s a catch. As the champagne flows, Carrie gets a present she hadn’t expected. Can you solve this whodunit? Join the cast (women only) or be an armchair detective (women & men are welcome) by registering below! For more information, email

ROLES (Randomly Assigned)

Bella Pasta – The flamboyant restaurant owner.
Glamorous Bella will be joining the birthday dinner at her smart Italian restaurant. She favors wearing slinky black with gold.

Leila Taybell – Scatterbrain young waitress.
Young Leila is chronically untidy – but then who could look smart in a waitresses uniform over a 6 month “bump”

Rita Ring – A woman emerging from her shell.
Shy Rita knows she should get out more after her divorce. She bought a daring new dress for the party – perhaps unwisely.

Dee Scovery – That science woman from TV.
Dee’s swotting paid off and she’s now one of the hottest properties on TV science shows. She dresses simply but with style for her evening out.

Pip Olfinda – Juggling the business.
Times are tough for small businesses, so Pip’s relied on accessories to liven up a reliable old evening dress.

Lotta Boddie – Enjoys a good meal.
Lotta has learned to love the shape she is and swathes herself in flowing colors, regardless of fashion.

Mandy Vowra – Collector of men.
Even for an all girls do, Mandy likes to show off her assets – you never know who might be watching.

May Coaver – Beauty expert.
As the owner of a popular local beauty salon, May is groomed to impress prospective customers.

Lena Boddie – Winsome niece.
It’s her aunt’s birthday and Lena wants to portray herself as a sweet, thrifty, girl who is preparing for her wedding.

Justine Moment – Chef on the up.
Chef Justine is off duty tonight, but she has called in to the restaurant to collect something on her way to the gym.

Gail Over – Controversial councilor.
Gail favors a masculine trait in clothes, eg a trouser suit with flat shoes dressed up with a silk scarf.

Su Thing – Exotic aromatherapist.
An Asian beauty, Su dresses modestly in lovely fabrics.
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