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This Week's Torah Thought

Torah Portion: Shemini Shel Pesach | שמיני של פסח

As the weeklong festival of Passover concludes, we celebrate the seventh day, corresponding to the anniversary of the miraculous crossing of the Sea of Reeds and signaling the beginning of our people’s 40 year journey through the wilderness.  Having won our freedom from bondage, we make our way to Mt Sinai where, after seven weeks (represented by the counting of the Omer), we receive the Torah and commit ourselves to being partners with G-d in perfecting the world. The freedom we relive on Passover is connected seven weeks later to the responsibilities of Torah on the festival of Shavuot. Our freedom is not only a freedom from bondage in Egypt but also a freedom to follow the path of Torah and to worship the Power that makes for the possibility of freedom.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Gersh Zylberman