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​​This Week's Torah Thought
Shemot | שמות

The Book of Exodus begins with the ominous warning that "A new king arose over Egypt who did not known Joseph" (Exodus 1:8). According to Rabbi Yehuda Ben Levi, this verse alludes to the insidious way in which tolerating hate in its early stages enables ever greater manifestations of evil. He explains his point through the following parable: "there was once a man who insulted a picture of the king. Having received no sanction, the following week the man insulted the king himself. So too with the new Pharaoh in Egypt: he began by disparaging the Jewish people. When he received no sanction he went on to disparage G-d in whose image all people are created." At its very outset the second book of our Torah calls on us to have zero tolerance for intolerance, especially when manifest by one as powerful as Egypt's Pharaoh, for when we let intolerance go unchecked, we risk enabling the darkest forces of human nature to rule our world.  

Shabbat Shalom,

​​Rabbi Gersh Zylberman