​​​​​​​This Week's Torah Thought

From Rabbi Zylberman

More than ever before it seems that today those who take extreme positions on issues are lionized, while seekers of the nuanced middle ground are too often condemned as weak. Our sources of news and entertainment tend to focus on the most dramatic events of the world, while those whose lives dwell in the middle of the bell curve barely rate a mention. Yet Judaism lionizes the seekers of the middle ground and extolls those who dwell in the middle of the bell curve. Maimonides taught, “The upright path is the middle path of all the qualities known to man. This is the path which is equally distant from the two extremes, not being too close to either side.” May we cultivate such a Maimonidean middle path in our own lives – compassion and self-interest, strength and vulnerability, hope and realism. 


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