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Join us Friday nights for Shabbat Services! Wine & Cheese Reception - 5:30 pm | Shabbat Service - 6:00 pm | Oneg to follow

​​A Torah Thought
from Rabbi Zylberman

As he lies on his death bed, Jacob delivers parting words to his children, an act that inspired the tradition of Ethical Wills, a moving example of which was penned by humorist and journalist Sam Levenson to his grandchildren: “I leave you my unpaid debts. They are my greatest assets. Everything I own, I owe. To America I owe a debt for the opportunity it gave me to be free and to be me. To my parents I owe America. They gave it to me and I leave it to you. Take good care of it. To the Biblical tradition I owe the belief that man does not live by bread alone nor does he live alone at all. This is also the democratic tradition. Preserve it. I leave you everything I had in my lifetime; a good family, respect for learning, compassion for my fellow men, and some four-letter words for all occasions. Words like help, give, care, feel, and love. I leave you all the years I should like to have lived so that I might possibly see whether your generation will bring more love and peace to the world than ours did. I not only hope you will, I pray that you will.” Good Shabbes.