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Madrichim: Teen Leadership

The Madrichim: Teen Leadership program is a chance for 8th-12th graders to give back to our TBY and JCAL community. Madrich/Madrichah means “guide” in Hebrew. Madrich/ah will serve as the teachers' assistants for JCAL. The Madrich/ah program is a weekly commitment of every scheduled JCAL session (which are all on Sundays). Each teen will be assigned to a class and teacher for the year. Madrich/ah can earn community service hours or hourly wages for this program.*
Duties may include:
  • Helping with classroom management
  • Mentoring younger students
  • Supporting class projects, including possibly running activities and small groups
  • Taking attendance and assisting a teacher as needed
  • Developing activities and icebreakers to engage students
To be a Madrich/ah, you must commit to:
  • Attending every JCAL session of your assigned class
  • Madrichim Orientation, September 12th, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Sunday, August 22, 2021, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. regional Zoom training on Social Emotional Learning, is encouraged but optional)
  • Four mandatory training sessions for Madrichim that take place after JCAL sessions, in which Madrichim will gain tools to help in the classroom. (Dates Coming in September)
  • Brief weekly Madrichim Check-In immediately following your program
In order to participate in the Madrichim Program, your parents/guardians must be members in good standing.

In addition, all madrichim must be current in their vaccinations, including two weeks out from the second shot of the COVID-19 vaccination.

After you submit your application, Rabbi Miriam will be in touch to schedule an interview.

*We are excited to offer both options to madrichim this year. You must be 14 to earn wages for this program. 

Thank you to a generous donor who is underwriting the Madrichim Program this year!

If you see your parent/guardian's e-mail address in this field already, replace it with your own.
You will be asked to show proof of vaccination to be in the Madrichim Program.
If you will not be fully vaccinated by the start of JCAL, you may still be in the Program once you are fully vaccinated.
Fri, November 26 2021 22 Kislev 5782